Friday, June 28, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg and the ILL Logic of Oppression

I'm rarely (if ever) amazed at stupid things politicians say. Matter of fact, as a comedian, I appreciate the disconnect between their alleged brains and their mouths. "Women who are victims of legitimate rape don't get pregnant because their bodies block it"....thank you Mr. just added 5 minutes to my stand up routine. "we'll never target Americans with drones" (ignore al awlaki tho...he was buggin)...thank you President Obama...needed a one liner as a transition. a citizen of the USA, that shit is terrifying.

These are the people charged with running the cities, states, and country we live in. We assume (yeah that's our fault...assumptions usually end poorly) that you suited, clean shaven, ivy-league educated people can think. We're repeatedly proven wrong. Ahh the audacity of "hope". 

The most recent example of our inability to choose is Mayor Bloomberg. On his WOR radio show he discussed "stop and frisk" and made THIS comment “I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little,” (full article here)

Pardon my French but...mother fucker WHAT?! The elitist/academic statement "i don't know what school they went to...but they didn't take math/logic courses" implies that your reasoning can only be comprehended by those who took specific classes in the appropriate schools. Of course my lack of appropriate education prevents me from being able to reason that civil liberties aren't determined by statistics. "illegal search" has been defined by the courts. Frisking me without probable cause (or probable cause being based on my melanin content) is not only illegal, but suggests that phrenology and all of the other racially tinged pseudo sciences are real. What school teaches phrenology Mr Bloomberg? Whatever. There are several reasons why that "logic" is bullshit. 

First, statistics should be read in context. Murders also occur in places where black people don't even live. GASP!!!! "You mean that what happens in New York isn't representative of the entire world?" Yes my highly educated, math/logic proficient compadre...murders happen in all-white communities, too. Statistics also show that Black people are disproportionately affected by poverty. Should i extrapolate from that data that white people are trying to keep us down and all of them should be considered white supremacists? Finding "facts" to support bullshit policies only works when people DON'T use logic. By your logic, rich white men are disproportionately engaged in systematic racism. Thus, we should NEVER elect rich white men to offices that require them to represent a wide range of ethnic groups.

Second, most murders (statistically) committed against white people are committed by....(drum rolls and all types of "build to a climax" stuff).......... ............. ......... WHITE PEOPLE!!!  Are you in white neighborhoods protecting the good citizens from the statistical reality that is "white on white" crime? Oh I know...this is unbelievable to some. But the facts are the facts. Although what you see on TV has convinced you that black people are just out here murdering up shit all up and through your white neighborhood, the FACTS say otherwise. According to the Justice Department, an overwhelming 84% of white people murdered...were murdered by other white people. (i'm not pulling stats out my  Ain't that a bitch? So where is the stop and frisk for that? 

That's not logic. Ignoring the socio-economic realities of violent crime isn't "logic", either. But what should we're the same guy who "reasoned" that since soda makes you fat, banning soda will make people healthy. Your ability to reach for the moon when touching the ceiling would be enough...amazing, sir. You shouldn't stop and frisk anyone without probable cause. And being black...ain't....probable...cause. Asshole. 

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