Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day is coming...with the BS

This ISN'T directed to women (although you're welcome to read/comment). I don't speak on women's issue very often, because without a vagina, my opinion will usually be based on partial (at best) information. In other words, I'd be talking out of my ass. Nope...this is for the men.

Father's Day is coming. And that means the "i'm a mother AND father to ray ray" comments are coming with it. Fuck that. Stay focused. If you're a good father, bravo. We need more of you. If you're a deadbeat...let's talk.

Oh Word?
Lot's of understandable reasons why a man wouldn't be there for his child. The mother is violent towards you. The mother's new boyfriend/husband is violent and you are on parole. The mother moved out of town and didn't give you a location. You're a dickhead. Ok...that's the list for the most part. And while 3 of the 4 reasons are understandable, NONE of the reasons are acceptable. Because no matter how much you "hate that bitch", you put your raggedy ass sauseesh inside of her without protection. Say what? The condom broke? the fuck it did not. You mufuggas been running that bullshit lie for too long. I'm a man. I know what happened. It feels WAY better raw. She didn't make you. You both fucked up. Now a baby is here with a woman you can't even get along with. Deal.

I HATE with a passion seeing that "i gotta be a mother AND a father" bullshit. You're a mother. Period. You may even be a disciplinarian. But you're NOT a father. However, what irritates me even more is that you're in the position to say that shit. My ex can't honestly say it. And IF she did, I would react. I haven't always been the BEST father, but I've ALWAYS tried. And by trying, I got better. It wasn't easy. We argued, fought, all that. At one point I wouldn't even answer her phone calls. Only communicated through text because I wanted a record of everything that was know...childish shit. But we worked through it. Because our DAUGHTER matters more than US. 

And that's it. i don't care that your "baby momma" is a bitch. Fix that shit. I don't care that she's violent. Go to court and establish supervised visitation. Same if her new man is a dick. Fuck him. That's YOUR child, too. You can't talk that "I'm a man" shit without handling your responsibility. Grow up. our community I know there are a number of "historical reasons" why men and women struggle with relationships. But for some reason, for the first 100 years AFTER slavery, the black family found a way to stay together. (see the stats) Now we find reasons NOT to. You don't want to get married? Cool. Take care of your responsibilities. The kids are suffering. While we talk about the government conspiracies to emasculate the black man, your punk ass emasculated yourself. Man up.

Happy Father's Day


  1. That was great!

  2. Well said- Happy Father's Day!

  3. Sad truth and not restricted to the black community, ask any foster mother...

  4. yup,some may call it vitriol but it's uncensored truth to me. It's funny too!