Monday, July 1, 2013

Zimmerman and the Legal System are BOTH on Trial

I've avoided writing/tweeting/vlogging/fartin about this Zimmerman trial, since Zimmerman was arrested. Not because I'm apathetic (I'm not outraged, but I'm more than a little interested)...but because I didn't want to fan the flames of irresponsible/uninformed opinions already being bandied about all willy and nilly like. But...

Here we are. I was outspoken before about the "need" for Zimmerman to stand trial. He's standing trial. I've been quiet. Because...I mean...all we REALLY wanted was an opportunity for the case to be heard. A chance for the family to know what really happened that night. Right? Except...I've lived in this country for a loooooooong time. I know better. YOU know better. Regardless of your race/ethnicity/religion/sexuality/choice of breakfast meat, we've all seen cases of the legal system failing. But, once again we suspend reality for another "case of the century". How many examples of innocent men being found guilty, only to be released years later when DNA evidence clears their name? How many guilty men are found "not guilty" because of a procedural issue (or jury bias)? How many times do we have to see it before we acknowledge our legal system is flawed because...WE are flawed as humans?
Guess When I was 100% Legal

This is a case about a man who killed a 17 year old boy. Yes, he's a boy. He's still legally a minor. He can't buy cigarettes, sign a contract, or join the military. Our country considers him a child. Those are facts. I've seen him called an animal. A thug. And other things I choose not to repeat. All of these strongly held opinions about a child whom none of us ever met. "He smoked weed. Look at his pictures...he looks like a thug. He got put out of school". So? Guess what...I smoked weed. I still look like a thug to some. I got put out of school for punching a kid in the nose (true story...senior year in HS...he called me "boy"...i reacted.). How many of you believe I deserve to die?

Zimmerman is also a stranger to me. All I know about him came from the same media sources that gave me only partial information about Trayvon. So let's be honest...this isn't about what we know. This is about what we've always believed. Young black kid in a hoodie. Smoked weed. Had problems in school. He probably started the fight. Or is it...wanna be cop with a racist bent, murdering a child in cold blood and being protected by other racists in his community? And THAT is where the legal system steps in. To give us the facts, not the media hype.

But, I know better. I know that this case SHOULD be about whether or not Zimmerman murdered Martin or acted in self-defense. I've read what you think. Those who think it's murder say "he had no right to follow Trayvon". Those who think it's self-defense say "it's not illegal to follow someone". I say, if you follow the rain...and I don't know better have a gun. But that's me. And I'm not you. And that's why this legal system is flawed. I'm just as convinced that I have the right to walk home without being followed as you are convinced that you have the right to follow me. What does the jury believe? We'll find out. But until then...we're just talking.

So let's talk. For those of you saying "this isn't about race"'re right...kind of. It shouldn't be. No case SHOULD be. Yet, here's ANOTHER example of the two ways that 'Merica views anything. A lot of black people (and some of other races) are convinced that Zimmerman is a racist and Martin was targeted. Geraldo Rivera (yeah yeah, i know) even alluded to this when he suggested that wearing a hoodie makes brown/black children reasonably subjected to suspicion. That's ridiculous. But it's reality. How many of you think you know what a thug looks like? To be honest, I dressed much more conservatively when I was doing illegal activities. I'm also in a news station looking at 2 young white guys in hoodies who NO one would accuse of being thugs...(because they're white...duh). It's not the hoodie. It's. Not. The. Hoodie. Ok...what about the rest of it? He WAS put out of school. Yep...for having marijuana on his person. Are hippies thugs? Baby boomers who grew up in the 60's and early 70's smoked all of the weed. Now they view weed smokers as...hoodlums? Why? It's not the weed. It's. Not. The. Weed.
It's because I'm BLACK! 

Trayvon Martin is black. And for some of you, that's enough to remove "benefit of the doubt". George Zimmerman isn't black. And for some of you, that's enough to remove "benefit of the doubt". Justice may be blind, but the people charged with meting out justice are sighted den a mufugga. I don't know if justice will be served in this case or not. I DO know that we still have a LONG way to go with race relations in this country if justice continues to be polarizing, nearly 20 years after OJ killed those 2 people and walked (yes, black people KNOW he did it...we were just amazed that he got away with it). By the way, if you bring up OJ anytime a black person mentions the unfair legal system, shhhh....relax. One case in 400 years of being in this country...that's called the "exception proving the rule".  Anyway...if you see me walking through your neighborhood wearing a hoodie, I'd suggest you stay in your vehicle. There won't be a trial. I don't trust the legal system.

PS. I didn't mention the actual trial because...we ALL thought Casey Anthony was going to jail, and you see how THAT turned out. I'm not really into speculating.


  1. You know what ? If CNN or MSNBC hired you as a commentator I might consider watching the news again. Great commentary, man .

  2. Thanks for doing what you do man. It's good for communication to go on, especially between cultures in america. It's good for people to see what the people down the block think and find out it isn't so different from what they think. Sitting our asses down and talking through stuff is the only way this racial garbage will ever be resolved, but there will always be some ignorant assholes with something to prove or who just want to hate. Heck, it might be that the people in charge just want us all to fight one another so we can't focus on keeping them in line. Thanks for the real talk and the laughs along the way.

  3. Very well spoken and true. When people look at color before actions and intent. There will never be equality. With all of the educated college indoctrinated talking heads spewing about this case it is Mr. Monk who breeches the fog of absurdity with common sense wisdom.

  4. The problem is, I have been followed numerous times. The rule is always the same. You are suppose to go to a place of safety or towards security. If you turn and fight and throw the first punch, you are immediately guilty of assault and that is the law. However, everyone seems to miss the point that Zimmerman lost track of Martin and went back to his car when he was attacked. The 'hood will tell you in fighting, to make certain to get the first punch in, and there is the whole problem.